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Switch to E-Statements

Get your account statements delivered right to your inbox instead of your mailbox. Free e-Statements contain all the same information as paper statements without any of the paper clutter. Plus, they’re more secure and better for the environment.

What is an E-Statement?


An e-statement is an electronic statement. E-statements are no different from their paper counterparts, aside from being digital instead of physical.

Many people prefer electronic statements because it reduces clutter, makes filing more efficient, and helps protect the environment. United Texas Bank is happy to switch you over to e-statements at any time.

What's Wrong with Paper Statements?


Paper statements are the traditional method banks send out statements to their clients. There's nothing wrong with this type of statement from a financial point of view. It contains all the relevant information, and some people prefer filing away paper in a cabinet over sorting files on a hard drive.

That said, there are many downfalls to paper. It can lead to clutter. If you choose to no longer keep any given record, it's advisable to shred it, which takes time, resources, and space. Plus, there's the environmental impact to consider from paper production and waste.

Online Banking


With e-statements, banking clients truly embrace online banking. It's oftentimes the final step in going completely digital with one's financial life. Embrace a fully secure, paper-free solution to your finances.


  • Free account statements, available 24/7
  • View statements online, anywhere you have internet access
  • Available to all customers enrolled in online banking
  • More secure than paper statements
  • Reduce clutter and paper waste
  • Keep track of statements more easily
  • View up to 18 months of archived statements
  • Includes same information as paper statements
  • Safe and easy to access

At UTB, our e-Statements are a convenient, paper-free way to have anytime, anywhere access to the account information you need.

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